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Phillips 66 Fuels

Cardinal Air is proud to provide Phillips 66 Aviation products. Cardinal Air exclusively provides Phillips Aviation fuels, so you can be assured of a national name-brand product for your aircraft. No aftermarket, independent, or third party fuel has ever been sold by Cardinal Air! We are committed to providing trusted, top quality fuels.

Siler City Line Services

Unicom (122.7) Is manned from 9AM - 5PM Monday thru Saturday and 12 Noon thru 5PM Sunday. Avgas is available 24 hours per day from the self service pump. We will be happy to pump Avgas for you during business hours. The ramp is well lighted for after hours/night time fueling. Jet A is available during business hours and after hours by request.

Asheboro Line Services

Asheboro (122.8) is manned from 8AM - sunset Monday - Saturday and 9AM - sunset Sundays. Avgas and JetA are available during business hours. After hours services are availbable by request.